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What Is HealthTech?
Bitcoin licence plate

HealthTech and Why It Matters

Will HealthTech prioritise for health, like FinTech prioritises for wealth?

Do bitcoin exchanges, marketplaces, or regulatory overseers have policies that positively effect HealthTech (Health Technology) to allow appropriate behaviour in areas of contributions/spending/industry oversight within;

What I'm talking about is supporting good sole trader mail-order jerky businesses, independent pasture raised farmers, local hobby brewers, etc. who don't want the bureaucracy that comes with a bank account and want a fair go in a digital community that is already known for all the wrong reasons.


All aboard the bitcoin trainPhoto by Dorian Nakamoto (Bitcoin logo added by Apatomoose)

HealthTech Prioritising Recreational Consumables

There is a demand for new and fun ways to enjoy food or drink that can be safely and legally shared with friends. People can be food technicians/chemists in their own homes and ship their products all over the world with bitcoin being their bank.

The question is how to ensure basic health is protected, how to balance risk, and make it work with bitcoin's blind/raw processing power.

An example of HealthTech prioritising recreation consumables;

The 2 main Australian bitcoin marketplaces is Independent Reserve and BTC Markets.

Independent, for example (at the time of writing), will promote OpenBazaar (a Silk Road/DarkMarket outcome) on their blog and not have a page on cyber security, whereas BTC Markets don't promote dark nets and they do have a page on cyber security.

I suspect at the end of the day they both have similar operating procedures but 1 is more HealthTech friendly and is more likely to succeed as the mainstream market leader.


HealthTech Prioritising Animal Agriculture

Checks, policies, and regulation could be integrated into digital systems that encourage consumers to have appropriate welfare (for both the animals and consumers) in possible areas of;

An example might be that the bitcoin exchange will not run or sponsor promotions from the worst companies that factory farm (i.e. no support for conventionally farmed animal by-products).

The exchange may also actively engage hunters and true free range farmers so both can prosper while at the same time promoting the health benefits for wild caught or pasture raised animals.

An example of HealthTech prioritising animal agriculture;

An example is when CoinJar teamed up with a young organic/true free range egg farmer and she (the farmer) got plenty of press and she raised her $60,000 goal on a crowd funding website.

I supported and promoted CoinJar's campaign with links, donations, and positive comments because it was a good example of HealthTech working with FinTech.

Other campaigns from CoinJar included the Bitcoin Donation Showdown between puppies (PetRescue) against computers (Electronic Frontiers) framed as a battled between between man's best friend, and man's best invention. I emptied a bunch of old wallets into PetRescue's donation address and I was glad to see that they won.


Key Steps Towards HealthTech

The below 5 steps are modified from

  1. Conduct an analysis of the HealthTech environment, include your customers wants and needs and competitors. Be open to new ideas and adaptive to change.
  2. Develop a strategic, responsive plan, which includes HealthTech innovation as a key business process across the entire business.
  3. Leadership in innovation - train and empower employees to think innovatively from the top down. Inspirational leadership and motivation is what drives innovation in business, not the anonymous fly-by-night radicals who evade responsibilities.
  4. Connect with customers and employees to generate ideas for improving processes, products and services both internally and externally.
  5. Seek advice. Utilise available resources, business advisors, grants and assistance to drive innovation in your business. This may include seeking Intellectual Property (IP) protection for commercialisation of ideas.


LightNet Project (A DarkNet Parody With A Focus On Health)

The below content contains selected items that young teenagers might want to "buy" with bitcoin.

Be warned that this isn't like seedy dark nets.

It's just a bit of fun to see if I can mix 'radical common sense' with facts to trump the race to the bottom that we see on DarkNets.

Item: 8903: Edible Anti-Death Sticks - Used In World War 2 Propaganda

Carrot Death SticksAnti-Death Sticks And World War 2 Carrot Propaganda
Left image from Bolthouse farms.

Price: 0.016 bitcoin per packet

Did you know that the good guys in World War 2 responded to an oversupply of carrots by suggesting, through propaganda, that the Royal Air Forces exceptional night-flying and target success, was due to the high carotene content carrots?

There is a chance your great grandparents might have grown carrots in their yard to help defeat Adolf Hitler's Nazi Party.

These days, in the 21st century that is, the concentration camps (jails) are filled with obese cattle, but carrots are still in the good fight.

The leading cause of death in Australia is a heart attack from a hardening of the arteries (the tubes that carry your blood) with doctors describing the arteries as looking like "fatty streaks" because of the appearance being similar to that of marbled (fatty) steak from morbidly obese cows.

Another side effect of clogged arteries (other than a heart attack) is losing a leg due to poor blood circulation with more Australians becoming an amputee than people dying from breast cancer, or prostate cancer.

Eat these anti-death sticks and fight the anti-health propaganda of freedom-hating Big Agriculture.

Black Gold (Coca-Cola)
Black Gold (Coca-Cola)

Item 3265: Black Gold

Price: 0.008 bitcoin per can

Did you know that Black Gold (Coca-Cola) used to contain an illegal drug called cocaine and that's how it got it's name? The cocaine has now thankfully been removed but it still contains a lot of sugar and caffeine which can effect people.

Too much Black Gold for some people can make you paranoid (worried about silly things out to get you), anxious (worried about the future), or just makes you hyper. It's recommended you only drink 1 fizzy drink occasionally as a reward for doing well in school, sport, or being good. It can also nicely complement the occasional meal.

Drinking to much can be dangerous. If a parent of a child is noticing they they are acting a bit hyper or weird they might say; "no more sugar water for you" or if you are an older teen your friend might say "lay off the energy drinks my friend".

Perhaps when children are much older they might want to drink tea or coffee (they also have caffeine like Black Gold does). The good thing about Black Gold and coffee is that if you really like it there are substitutes called Coca-Cola Zero (no caffeine) and decaffeinated coffee for when you don't want to consume stimulants. Decaffeinated coffee (or decaf) might only contain a little caffeine so you can drink it more safely (8 decafs equal about 1 coffee).

One thing to watch out for is people trying to sell you drugs and say that it is better than Black Gold or an energy drink.

The difference between drugs and legal things bought in the shops is that the occasional fizzy drink or coffee complements a reward/success/meal etc. whereas an illegal drug will overpower the reward or meal and make you want the drug and not the actual thing that really makes you happy.

Silly people drink Black Gold, then energy drinks, then 1 drug, then another drug. Just say no to illegal drugs right from the start, and don't blame Black Gold or coffee for not tasting good if you drink it too much (take a break).

Harry Potter Death WandsHarry Potter Death Wand (a stick)

Item 3265: 2017 Harry Potter Smoking Death Wands

Price: 0.005 bitcoin per wand

Instructions: Organise a camping trip, cast a spell, put the Death Wand in a camp fire and watch it burn.

Lung cancer (from smoke inhalation) is the leading cause of cancer-related death in Australia...

who will the death wands attack? will you survive?

Disclaimer: Death wands are only fun while camping, they won't work in inner city or suburban backyards.