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Hi. My name is Daniel, you can email me via the below form.

Notice: I do not reply to Gmail addresses or mail handled by Google due to my amputation.

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About CompareBitcoins

CompareBitcoins was established in January 2014 for the purpose of showing bitcoin users a comparison of exchange prices in easy to view line charts and tables.

Soon the features of each exchange were also compared with the goal of promoting competition and choice in digital commerce.

Over the years the site has changed with a focus to create competitive tension as a way of helping to regulate the darker side of bitcoin and help it become a mainstream digital currency;

This website is primarily a price comparison website, not a review website. New users should be cautious with large transfers of money, and research the exchange before doing business.

It's run by me only, I don't employ anyone else.


Privacy Policy

If you are arriving at CompareBitcoins or mention CompareBitcoins from/on, (or their false-front-websites) or some other similar website then I will take measures to stop you from doing what you are doing.

CompareBitcoins users acknowledge that buying illegal drugs (including steroids) from;

  1. overseas websites,
  2. on dark nets, or
  3. or other similar anonymously-run marketplaces or businesses...

... might finance terrorism.

CompareBitcoins users also acknowledge that one can be convicted of a terrorist act offence if they;

  1. intend to commit terrorist financing, or
  2. were reckless as to whether their actions would amount to terrorism financing.

I run a logging script that I regularly review (only I see it and the server is in my home office). It sorts users into a table and decides if you are 1 of 5 categories; 1) Australian IP/host, 2) International visitor, 3) VPN or Tor user, 4) bot or spider, or 5) spammer/Russian.

The image of 'Oscar the Labrador' on the home page header asking;

"Enable JavaScript to find out what Oscar is enthusiastic about.",

...then after the visitor enables JavaScript it says;

"Oscar is enthusiastic about his career" (while pictured next to a police drug enforcement officer with the dog looking at the visitors mouse speed chart)

... just tracks mouse movements and doesn't actually log anything. Please do not take any drugs, and regulate your intake of caffeine and alcohol (4 or 5 cups of coffee a day will change many peoples personality in a negative way after a few weeks).

If you do take drugs then you should be charting your symptoms like a GP, doctor, or nurse would monitor medications with many known negative side effects*.

* you might still get messed up, flip-out, or die (even if you take precautions).


Delegated Third Party Legitimacy Policy

There is a strong personal drug taking/minimal drug cultural responsibilities scene within online bitcoin communities.

Due to the above attitude within the online bitcoin community... bitcoin exchanges that delegate responsibility to franchise bitcoin ATM/POS operators and do not have appropriate AML/CTF/KYC systems will not have their link clickable (or their price displayed) on CompareBitcoins.

Franchise ATM or POS operations that do not have appropriate AML/CTF/KYC systems have a high probability* of;

  1. attracting frequent drug users which partly supports crime and terror funding,
  2. not being able to catch/trace/hold accountable users connected with transactions in the above point, and
  3. causing 'high-cost negative cultural impacts' in the short and long term for digital commerce, online in general, and in the offline world (real life).

* = much higher than exchanges that, for example, do identity checks.

To put it another way, if you run an exchange you can't just delegate identity checks to any old third party POS operator, bitcoin ATM, or any random bikie cafe or news stand in an alley way. The exchange must do the checks themselves or use an ATM/POS operator that has good AML/CTF/KYC.

Case examples;

- Coin Loft using Flexepin vouchers would fail the test because a news stand selling the vouchers in an alley way does not have good AML/CTF/KYC however Coin Loft check the ID themselves via GreenID (they have good AML/CTF/KYC) so they pass the test.

- would fail the test because a news stand in an alley way does not have good AML/CTF/KYC and does not have enough checks on a bitcoin buyers identity.

- Living Room Of Satoshi pass the test because all funds go to Australian banks and they have good AML/CTF/KYC.


'Injustice Of Digital Equality' Correctional Policy

There is a strong personal tolerance for equality and not offending anything in established digital communities, yet there is almost silence towards preventing or stopping subversive bitcoin-related organised crime and terror from taking hold of certain unfortunate communities and their residents, or other groups such as vulnerable men (and women) of all ages.

In an effort to correct the injustice of digital equality, exchanges from certain high risk countries (or that have their head office* in such countries) will not be listed on CompareBitcoins.

High risk countries may include;

* I do not accept, for example, that an Afghani based bitcoin exchange with an Australian Business Number and Australian bank account is a legitimate business within the Australian bitcoin community. I have shut down ABN verified '' criminal websites that earn money from the sale of drugs (and were linked to Middle-Eastern drug sellers) and all they did was get a new domain registrar and then it was business as usual. The system is broken and when I can't stop direct crime impacting on CompareBitcoins and the Australian bitcoin community from;

...then what chance does 1 guy have against;

** = countries with poor scores would see the unregulated FinTech digital frontier wreck havoc on the countries innocent population or encourage international crime/terror syndicates to be setup and be run from those countries.


Macro Health 3 Strikes Policy

If a forum, community website, or bitcoin exchange does all 3 of the below things;

  1. has inappropriate identity checks OR they inappropriately support the Silk Road/DarkMarket/OpenBazaar or other similar services associated with the subversive,
  2. dupes their customers to giving control or access of their $AUD bank account (or bitcoin users meta-data) to companies linked with faith based extremism, and
  3. the vibe of the exchange is incorrect or wrong...

... then they are out (no listing on CompareBitcoins).

Point 1) concerns overt macro health while point 2) concerns covert macro health.

I can overlook 1 or 2 items (they can be included in CompareBitcoins) but if an exchange has all 3 strikes, then they are out.

Note that Google and POLi are classed as companies linked with faith based extremism.

About POLi: POLi is a subsidiary of a government mandated monopoly (Australia Post) run by a Australia's highest-paid public servant (Ahmed Fahour) who donates millions of dollars to Islamist causes in Melbourne and other areas (Australia Post also donates funds to Islamist causes).